Changes in the Surgical Management of Parastomal Hernias Over 15 Years: Results of 135 Cases.

Köhler, Gernot, Mayer, Franz, Wundsam, Helwig, Schrittwieser, Rudolf, Emmanuel, Klaus and Lechner, Michael (2015) Changes in the Surgical Management of Parastomal Hernias Over 15 Years: Results of 135 Cases. World journal of surgery, 39 (11). pp. 2795-804. ISSN 1432-2323

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BACKGROUND Over the years, various open and laparoscopic approaches toward the repair of parastomal hernias (PSH) have been described. The variety of published techniques itself can be seen as an indicator for the often low level of satisfaction reached with the surgical procedures. METHODS From January 1999 to January 2014, we assessed all cases of PSH repair performed at the three participating surgical departments in a retrospective analysis. The results were evaluated with regard to different surgical techniques focusing on complications and recurrences. RESULTS One hundred and thirty-five individuals could be included in the analysis. They were operated on with eight different surgical techniques. Laparoscopic procedures were carried out in 46.7 % (63/135) of the cases. Median follow-up was 54 months (12-146 months). We found 44 cases of recurrence (32.6 %) and 24 (17.8 %) of the patients experienced perioperative complications and 12 of them needed to return to theater. Fourteen of the 135 patients (10.4 %) were operated as emergency cases which were associated with a mortality of 28.6 % (4/14). In case of elective PSH repair, no mortality occured. CONCLUSION The results achieved by direct suture or the use of incised flat meshes for the repair of PSH were poor with these procedures having unacceptably high recurrence rates. With regard to the latter ostomy revision through three-dimensional funnel-shaped meshes and the laparoscopic sandwich technique showed the best results. Emergency procedures were linked to a dramatic increase in morbidity and mortality (p < 0.001).
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