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Paymani, Zeinab, Rohringer, Taryn, Vali, Reza, Loidl, Wolfgang, Alemohammad, Nafiseh, Geinitz, Hans, Langsteger, Werner und Beheshti, Mohsen (2020) Diagnostic Performance of [F]Fluorocholine and [Ga]Ga-PSMA PET/CT in Prostate Cancer: A Comparative Study. Journal of clinical medicine, 9 (7). ISSN 2077-0383

Schaule, Jana, Kroeze, Stephanie G C, Blanck, Oliver, Stera, Susanne, Kahl, Klaus H, Roeder, Falk, Combs, Stephanie E, Kaul, David, Claes, An, Schymalla, Markus M, Adebahr, Sonja, Eckert, Franziska, Lohaus, Fabian, Abbasi-Senger, Nasrin, Henke, Guido, Szuecs, Marcella, Geier, Michael, Sundahl, Nora, Buergy, Daniel, Dummer, Reinhard und Guckenberger, Matthias (2020) Predicting survival in melanoma patients treated with concurrent targeted- or immunotherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy : Melanoma brain metastases prognostic score. Radiation oncology (London, England), 15 (1). p. 135. ISSN 1748-717X

Fastner, Gerd, Sedlmayer, Felix, Widder, Joachim, Metz, Martina, Geinitz, Hans, Kapp, Karin, Fesl, Christian, Sölkner, Lidija, Greil, Richard, Jakesz, Raimund, Kwasny, Werner, Heck, Dietmar, Bjelic-Radisic, Vesna, Balic, Marija, Stöger, Herbert, Wieder, Ursula, Zwrtek, Ronald, Semmler, Dagmar, Horvath, Wilfried, Melbinger-Zeinitzer, Elisabeth, Wiesholzer, Martin, Wette, Viktor und Gnant, Michael (2020) Endocrine therapy with or without whole breast irradiation in low-risk breast cancer patients after breast-conserving surgery: 10-year results of the Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group 8A trial. European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990), 127. pp. 12-20. ISSN 1879-0852

Geinitz, Hans, Nieder, Carsten, Kocik, Lukas, Track, Christine, Feichtinger, Johann, Weingartner, Theresa, Spiegl, Kurt, Füreder-Kitzmüller, Barbara, Kaufmann, Johanna, Seewald, Dietmar H., Függer, Reinhold, Shamiyeh, Andreas, Petzer, Andreas L., Kiesl, David und Hammer, Josef (2020) Altered fractionation short-course radiotherapy for stage II-III rectal cancer: a retrospective study. Radiation Oncology, 15 (1). ISSN 1748-717X


Steinmann, Diana, Vordermark, Dirk, Gerstenberg, Wiebke, Aschoff, Raimund, Gharbi, Nadine, Müller, Axel, Schäfer, Christof, Theodorou, Marilena, Wypior, Hans-Joachim und Geinitz, Hans (2019) Quality of life in patients with limited (1-3) brain metastases undergoing stereotactic or whole brain radiotherapy : A prospective study of the DEGRO QoL working group. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie : Organ der Deutschen Rontgengesellschaft ... [et al]. ISSN 1439-099X

Schiller, Kilian, Geier, Michael, Duma, Marciana Nona, Nieder, Carsten, Molls, Michael, Combs, Stephanie E und Geinitz, Hans (2019) Definitive, intensity modulated tomotherapy with a simultaneous integrated boost for prostate cancer patients - Long term data on toxicity and biochemical control. Reports of practical oncology and radiotherapy : journal of Greatpoland Cancer Center in Poznan and Polish Society of Radiation Oncology, 24 (4). pp. 315-321. ISSN 1507-1367


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