[4. Austrian consensus-statement for diagnosis and therapy of hepatitis B 2009].

Peck-Radosavljevic, Markus, Deutsch, Johann, Ferenci, Peter, Graziadei, Ivo, Hofer, Harald, Holzmann, Heidemarie, Huber, Wolf-Dietrich, Laferl, Herman, Maieron, Andreas, Stauber, Rudolf und Vogel, Wolfgang (2010) [4. Austrian consensus-statement for diagnosis and therapy of hepatitis B 2009]. Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, 122 (9-10). pp. 280-302. ISSN 1613-7671

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Hepatitis B is the most common chronic viral infection of the liver. Chronic hepatitis B is estimated to affect at least 350 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of death from liver disease. There have been dramatic developments both in the diagnostic field and in drug treatment of chronic hepatitis B. Today, chronic hepatitis B is a well manageable disease in the vast majority of cases and the main challenge remains the detection of affected patients at an early enough disease stage to prevent end-stage liver disease and its complications. The rapid pace of drug development mandated an update of the Austrian guidelines on the treatment of hepatitis B, which after 1994 and 1998 were now dating back to 2005 in their third version. All chapters from the 3. consensus statement from 2005 were renewed except for the chapter on liver biopsy, which is still valid in its 2005-version. In particular, virologic parameters take now center stage for treatment decisions, HBV-genotyping is now being considered for the choice of treatment, and the oral first line treatment for chronic hepatitis B has been changed. Overall this consensus statement accounts for the major advances in the management of hepatitis B and significantly changes clinical management of patients with hepatitis B in Austria.

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